This is twisted

So I am watching National Geographic this morning – it’s about the only time i get the¬†living-room television to myself.

I don’t even know the name of the compelling show I was watching, but that is a mute subject. Although, I may have to contact them via the Internet to let them know I think there show listings online are totally wrong, or too difficult to find.

So I am watching this show about how hyena families – I really don’t like hyenas – have to survive in the big “bowl” out somewhere in the big masses of Africa.

Also living in the bowl are lions, wildebeest, water buffalo, butt-ugly vultures and countless other kinds of riff-raff.

During the show, I was getting disturbed by the atrocious hyena.

A poor, helpless water buffalo was stuck in some muckity-muck.

Well, it didn’t take long for those darn hyenas to have their noses and ears to the skies and they figured out the buffalo was an easy target.

Needless to say, being the ruffians that they are, they chose to start eating the water buffalo while he, or she, was still alive.

And they chose to start eating it from the ass-end. (I suppose this was the softest spot.)

The entire scene made my stomach hurt a bit. I mean, even though the water buffalo is not the cutest creature living in this “bowl,” that title belongs to the baby lion cubs, it did not deserve to be eaten alive.

I felt awful for the creature.

Then it hit me.

Why in the hell, doesn’t PETA protest against this type of behavior?

Instead they choose to rally against farmers because they twisted the tail of a cow to keep her from becoming a danger to the people around her.

There was a scene of a lioness laying in a dry area of the “bowl” and the flies were assaulting her wounds.

I am sure they were laying little fly eggs in her owies.

Why wouldn’t they be a little pissed off that nobody, not even the Aborigines, were saving the lioness and bandages her wounds.


I don’t know! In their upscale, penthouse offices as this poor lioness dies in the middle of the cauldron?


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