This winter needs to move on

The weather man says this is going to be the last frigidly cold day for a while.

How long is a while?

I am very tired of the cold. I think the animals are tired of being in the cold as well.

It was a dickens trying to get the cows moved out of the parlor this morning. When a group of cows is finished giving milk, they have to walk through a little “hallway”  and out an exit door.

The problem is that many don’t understand the concept of an exit door.

For some reason, they don’t get that they are supposed to walk through the door and back up to the barn, where fresh feed will be waiting for them.

Nope, a lot of them will stand right in front of the door and gaze out into the cold, snow-covered yard.

I can’t blame them. I don’t like going out into the cold every morning either.

I don’t, however, stand in the door way and look at all the icky snow. I mean, Steve is never too far away from me in the morning. I could just about imagine what he would say if I were to stand and hold the door open.

The first snowfall of the year is beautiful. Any consecutive snowfalls after that is downright ugly.

I like to suggest moving the dairy herd to a warmer climate – like Arkansas. We could keep the cows down there and used this farm as a summer vacation home. Of course I would need a pool. I love to swim.

There are so many issues that a deep freeze causes. The one that bothers me the most right now is in the feeding area of our second group of lactating animals. Because cows really don’t mind if they go to the bathroom while they are eating, they doo. (pun intended.) So the doo plops down to the frozen layers behind the cows and keeps building up all winter long.

Some of our animals have to get down on their knees to reach the feed. That makes my worn-out knees hurt just thinking about it. The cows look like Jessica Jerome, women’s USA ski jumper, waiting at the top of the slope ready to fly down the hill at unspeakable speeds.

If those 40 degree days come to fruition, you can bet I will be outside trying to clean up that frozen mess.

Not only is the weather hard on the cows, it’s starting to make me a bit grumpy too.

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