He loves me

So there’s a story behind this note. I was trying to mow lawn and found out the battery connections needed to be cleaned and repaired. Steve was helping me this time. As I scrubbed the connections with a wire brush, I quickly grew frustrated with the quality of said brush. Half the spiny bristles we missing. … More He loves me

Here we go!

And so it begins. Harvest 2015 was just getting started when I returned home from work this afternnon. Onward with a husband that gets a little frazzled and anxious and me that has to reign him in every once in a while. It’s an exciting time of year.

Just another day of wrapping bales. This is our fifth cutting this summer. It’s been a great year for alfalfa in our area of Southern Minnesota.


A person knows when he or she hosts an even and you sit back and realize it was a bit disappointing because you didn’t get to talk to everyone that was in attendance. Such was the case last night. Steve, Joey, Russell and I hosted Family Night on the Dairy Farm from 5 p,m, to … More SUCCESS!