Twenty-some years ago, I married a dairy farmer named Steve.
I knew little about what it took to operate a farm with cows that need to be milked twice a day.
Steve always said, “I was happy you didn’t know a thing about farming; I could teach you what I wanted you to know.”
That was a long time ago, when we milked 40 cows.
Today we have 130 Holstein and Jerseys that are ALWAYS milked twice a day.
And I have learned a lot of information about cows.
Our work force also expanded to include two sons, age 22 and 19. The oldest is a senior studying dairy production at South Dakota State University, Brookings and the youngest is a sophomore also at Brookings, studying agronomy.
I earn a bit of extra cash as a freelance writer and columnist. Putting my feelings on paper has always been a sort of therapy for me. Writing makes me cry, laugh out loud and smile.
Life is good and everyday brings some sort of humor or irony.
I want to share those moments with you!
Enjoy reading my posts!

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