What do you do when the sun shines? You make hay!

I normally don’t help with haymaking anymore. So today I made sure to prepare one of our favorite suppers to deliver to the guys in the field – turkey supreme.

When I took it to Steve in the tractor, I rode in the buddy seat and drove the tractor using the spinner thingy on the steering wheel. First consider that years ago I was told it was a very difficult job and that I would have bales that looked more oblong than round. And second, I was sitting in the buddy seat while driving and Steve was behind the wheel, where the driver should be.

He manhandled all the controls while eating; I steered.

I must say, “I did alright!”

Take a look at my bales! Some round; some not.

P.S. Gonna go take videos of wrapping the bales. Back soon.


Hauling bales off the field, just a few at a time!

Russell making faces while siting in the drivers seat in the semi. Notice

the bale on top that probably wasn’t so round.

My perfectly round bale.

This one is not so round.

Russell the show boat! He takes after his mother!Helping with the driving!

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