I’m not a youngster any more; injuries happen


I’m not one to dish out life lessons in a matter-for-fact statement.

Because Steve and I are the parents of two adult sons, I would say something like, “Not wearing a helmet is a bit selfish. Think of the people who love you.”

Then, I let the adult children make their own decision.

Today, I am going to digress from my usual life-lessons strategy and get directly to the point.

Do not ever try to spin cookies on a large four wheeler, if you are not a professional.

I thought I was at least a semi-pro rider, but after the events of the other evening (at this point, I am not sure what day it is) I no longer consider myself a seasoned ATV driver. Yes, I’m seasoned when it comes to my age.

I have driven four wheelers for many, many years. I have done jumping, drifting and spun cookies (I call them donuts.) for as long as I can remember.

I think I forgot that I am 46-years-old.

(Oh, it’s Thursday today.)

Here’s my advice to all kids-at-heart that drive four wheelers.¬†

Do not spin cookies!

Here’s my story.

So Tuesday evening I was driving four wheeler to give my dog exercise. He loves to run full sp

Upon our return home, I drove to the middle of our gravel yard and started to spin a donut. I was going a bit too fast and before I knew it, my right side was slamming into the ground and the four wheeler was laying on the lower portion of my right leg.

It hurt like a son-of-bitch.

I could walk on my leg and take deep breathes. I figured I would be sore, but I knew I could manage. It takes a lot of pain to keep this chick down.

I managed to make it into the house with out even a whimper of pain. I started concocting supper of ringwurst and fried morel mushrooms. A meal for champions and I figure that’s why I ¬†figure I COULDN’T finish it.

I’m no champion.

In a matter of minutes, my leg hurt so bad I had to sit down and call my mommy. She assured me that I should get it checked at the emergency room. Steve took forever to get ready to haul me to town. I was ready to poke his eyes out but I managed to maintain my composure.

The big “incident” happened around 5 p.m.

By 7 p.m., I was in the emergency room having my leg x-rayed.

Thankfully, there are no broken bones, but the bruising is horrendous. We were back home before 9 p.m.

I didn’t sleep a wink. The pain was worse than childbirth, as far as I was concerned. For those of you that haven’t experienced childbirth…the pain was worse than smashing the tip of your finger.

Finding no bones in need of repair, I was sent home.

By 4:30 in the morning, I was in tears and ready to return to the emergency room. Joe and Russell carried me to the car, while Steve wandered around the house looking for just-the-right outfit. (It sure would help if our boys were about six inches shorter.)

The visit at the hospital was quite entertaining for bystanders.

Between the screaming in pain (Yes, I did yell out at one point.) poking and prodding and four-inch needle being shoved into my leg, it was decided I had to stay in the hospital for observation. I think beating on the bed rail at one point convinced the docs that it REALLY HURT!

(There was concern over the immense amount of swelling and the damage it could cause to my foot. I was losing feeling in portions surrounding my ankle.)

A decision was made to ship me to the second floor med/surg area for observation.

Many people complain about care they receive in hospitals, but I can honestly say, “The care I received yesterday was phenomenal!”

Warm blankets. Diet Coke. A pitcher of water that did make “everyone jealous,” just like Nurse Jen said it would. Great food.


Smiles are good when things hurt.

So, I’m now back home. I have a brand new pair of crutches and one really sore rump from sitting all day. The pain medicines do an amazing job of negating my leg pain.

I still have to make sure I don’t lose feeling in any part of my foot and try to take it easy.

That’s hard for me to do, but I will manage. Steve cleaned the kitchen AND folded laundry for me. He’s a GREAT man.

Before long, I will be back on the ATV taking my dog for a run. I promise I WONT think myself an expert and try to spin cookies. I’ll save that trick for when I’m in my Jeep.

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    1. We don’t think it’s a burn, as there is nothing in the area where my leg was that gets hot. The assumption is that it’s so swollen, the fluids are coming out in the form of blisters.?????? I have the large blisters and a lot of itty-bitty ones too.

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