Mastering attitudes and lawn mowers

mastering the mower

If there is one thing I learned today, it’s to appreciate the positives in little things.

Earlier today, Steve mentioned that our cell count was 170,000, which is amazing. (We still haven’t gotten a good grasp on what is causing our high cell count.)

“Whoop, whoop,” I said. “Tomorrow it will be 280,000.”

“You should just appreciate that it’s down today,” Steve commented.

So, as I spent the afternoon with him, I couldn’t help but remember how I need to relish the accomplishments of the day.

The one accomplishment I really, really relished today was my lawn mower. I pretty much take care of the lawn mower around here. It’s the least I could do. Steve checks the oil once in a while and helps change the blades, but it’s up to me to keep it clean and figure out what is causing hiccups when they do happen.

For the past two mowing seasons, this lawn mower has been nothing but a long blade of grass in my side.

One minute the mower would have immense power and could cut the grass as fast as a Ninja mixer makes a cleansing smoothie.

The next minute the mower would have as much power as Steve’s electric razor on it’s last spark of energy.

I had the local dealer of green and yellow take a look at it in the 2014 lawn-mowing season.

“Uh, I can’t find nuttin wrong with it,” he said.

I felt like reaching through the phone and poking his eye out. I felt like he wasn’t believing me when I was explaining my lawn mower’s affliction.

Well, this year it was the same thing – mow like crazy, putz like mad, mow like crazy, putz like mad!

I had experienced enough and chose to do an internet search in an effort to find others that had the same sort of troubles with their similar lawn mowers.

Jack pot! A man had the same problem and he fixed it by replacing the coils. The internet is such an amazing thing! A man had the exact same mower and the exact same problems. After replacing his spark plugs and checking his gas cap, some other soul suggested changing the coils.

That fixed the problem for him.

Cool! I could hardly wait to call the dealer and request they order two coils for me. Actually, I only ordered one, but was told, “You actually need two.”

Mr. Fix It was a bit reluctant to order the infamous coils for me. He gave me several suggestions of other options when I made the phone call to the shop.

Yes, the gas cap was on.

Yes, the spark plug has been checked.

Yes, I took the gas cap off and covered it with a sock and then when the machine farted again, I put the gas cap back on.

I explained to him that I believed it was the coils and I wanted to replace them. Mr. Technician tried to talk me out of it. “There are so many other things it could be,” I was told.

“Yes, I know that and I know I also tried fixing all those other things last year,” I said. “I want the coils! Order the coils for me. I will replace them myself!”

Under his unbelieving breath, he ordered the coils. Then he said it would be Tuesday before he received them. I could live with that.

Now, I had no idea what a coil was or how hard it was going to be to replace – oh, I mean coils that where going to be hard to replace. Plural coils; not singular.

According to the online discussion, if I was the owner of rather large hands, I could expect skinned knuckles. Well, I have large hands for a woman, but are they then considered small when compared to a man’s hands.

I’m going to go with medium.

On the day of the arrival of said coils, I couldn’t stand the challenge of fixing my lawn mower, on my own, one second more. I drove to the dealer and picked up my coils. I opened the boxes before I even walked out the glass exit door. I had to see what I had gotten myself into.

I recognized the rubber piece on the coil. It was the end that fits on the end of a spark plug.

I felt somewhat confident. I knew I could find the spark plugs and follow the wiring to a coil.

As soon as I returned home and before I even was out of my good clothes, I started ripping the lawn mower apart. There I was in my bedazzled shirt, light blue denim jeans and Sperry shoes, working with wrenches, sockets and torque bits.

At one point, I did ask for help from Steve, but he started to take over the project, so I sent him away with harsh words. I wanted to do this on my own. I had never asked for 100 percent effort from him.

In just about an hour, I had the new coils in place and all the parts back on the engine of the mower. Hey guys…I didn’t even have any left over screws or bolts!

I immediately started mowing my rather thick lawn. For more than an hour and a half, my lawn mower cut that grass without so much as a burp or any other loss of gas power!

I was so proud of myself.

Now, I am not saying I have permanently fixed said problem with the lawn mower that I both loathe and love.

But like Steve said earlier today, I am going to enjoy the positive in this moment.

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