Dr. Phil always say, “Follow your gut feeling.” Today I felt like I was being stalked and look what I found. The brown one is Amberbosa. (Yes, Amberbosa) I don’t know who the other one is, but I know she’s going to have TWINS! That’s why she has a red ear tag.

Sparkling clean!

The inspector that inspects our milk coop, (AMPI) stopped at our farm yesterday. He was checking on the places where AMPI purchases their milk, to make sure it’s amazing milk and that it is produced in a clean and friendly environment. According to Steve, the inspector  said, “The milking parlor looks amazing!” Who pressure washes … More Sparkling clean!

Breeding is good

Breeding is very important on a dairy farm. Maybe, I should reword that to read, “Breeding cows is very important on a dairy farm.” Yes, I think that sounds better. So, when a cow has reproductive issues and Steve and Zach have a hard time getting a cow pregnant, they call in the expert. That … More Breeding is good