This writing could be refreshing!

I announced my retirement from column writing, after 18 years.

Many, many people have asked me, “What are you going to do now?”

I think i may have come up with a little something.

This morning I wrote my thoughts on my blog “Getting Kerry’d Away.”

It was so refreshing to be able to use words like “pissed off” and “hell.”

That’s the real Kerry.

When I wrote for the small-town newspapers, I often had to censer myself. I couldn’t mention this store, because that store would get upset and pull its advertising. I couldn’t use naughty words, because the ears of some of my readers might not have stomachs for it. Words like “puke,” “shit,” and the “f-bomb” were banned. Well, I can understand the last two words being a bit offensive, but puke?

So I am going to focus on writing for this blog. When I have an urge to write, I am going to write. I better have some sort of portable electronics with me at all times. Thank goodness for the iPad Mini and the Samsung Galaxy S5. (I love technology.)

I hope you follow me. Besides, it’s free. I will also share my Twitter account and Instagram info at a later time. Right now my technology is all upstairs, and I am too lazy to go retrieve it.

Have a great Sunday!

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