We’re finally empty nesters

Starting today Steve and I are starting another chapter in our life.

And we couldn’t be happier.

I have spent the better part of this week preparing to take both of our sons to the University of South Dakota in Brookings.

Russell is easy to pack for this year, as he will be a freshman and his mother refuses to help him pack. They have been packing their own suitcases since they were youngsters. Why would I start now?

I think we can fit all of Russell’s needs in one vehicle. That’s how boys are – pack just enough to survive.

Joe on the other hand will require a little bit larger vehicle. He will be moving into a house this year with several other guys from the New Ulm area. But then again, this is Joe that I am speaking of. All of his belongings will fit into another vehicle.

So yes, Steve and I will finally be empty-nesters. Woot! Woot!

I am so happy to finally be sending both of our sons off to college. I have written it before, but we started increasing our work force on the farm as soon as we were married. When we celebrated our First Anniversary, we also celebrated being new parents the week before. (It works well. I can always remember Joey’s age, which helps me remember how many years I have bene married.)

Both Joe and Russell are so ready to be out on their own.

I know Steve and I have prepared our sons well to be out in the world making their own choices.

Heck, I am ready for my newfound freedoms.

I will no longer be greeted by a huge pile of laundry sitting in front of the washing machine because Russell cleaned his room.

I won’t find 27 glasses in Joey’s room when I go looking for an HDMI cable to use on my computer.

OK, let’s face reality. I may find a few glasses and bowls in Joe’s room when I go in there to clean it when he’s gone and I may create a pile of laundry when I go into Russell’s room to do a sweep.

I am prepared for that.

I will admit, I am afraid to open their closet doors.

            So I don’t think I am going to shed any tears when we do finally leave the two Hoffman brothers in Brookings. I know they are ready to move on to this next chapter of their lives and I couldn’t be more excited for them.

            There are so many new doors for each of them to open.

On another note, I have passed many people in the streets of our lovely city. Pretty soon I am expecting to pass many lovely chickens in our city. Just remember, chickens can, and do escape, and in Hawaii, feral chickens are a problem. Chickens are all cute and fun and then they celebrate their one-week-old birthday. It’s all fun and games until someone loses a chicken.

My chickens are finally earning their keep. A chicken must be about 6-months of age before she will lay eggs. Sadly, the macho rooster is not needed for a chicken to lay eggs. Now, if you would like to hatch your eggs into one-week-of-cuteness, Mr. Macho has to do his duty. Eggs that are not fertilized by a rooster, are, well…eggs. Fertilized eggs turn into fluffy, noisy baby chicks.


Other folks have also asked me about our little Tiny and how she is faring. I am so happy to report that she is doing just absolutely mahvalous! She still gets to come out of the dome and romp around on the grass.

Joe did notice that she wasn’t feeling all that well the other day and he gave her some medication to help lower her fever. She is still eating and making just as much noise as a tub full of baby chicks.

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  1. 🙂 My boys are college-age, too. And I refuse to pack for them. Oh, how I relate to your tales of laundry and glasses! However, I have one back in the house this year, as he is student-teaching. Every time he grumbles because I won’t do something for him, I tell him he could be living on his own…. 😉

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