It’s been an amazing trip

It really has been a great trip.

I am sitting at a little table in the hotel “lobby.”

It’s really cozy.

Walking the expansive hallways in the Louvre is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Looking at how various artists use brush stokes and light. I know I sound corny, but until a person stands up close and personal to these paintings, you don’t know how talented these people were.

One of my personal goals was too be up close and personal with the Arc de Triomphe. We did that! This structure was built as a way for victorious troops to leave or enter the city. Each and every day a ceremony takes place to honor those that have served this country.

Did you know you can climb up many unforgiving steps to look at Paris from the heavens. It is magnificent!

Speaking of steps, I think we climbed so many we could have actually been in the clouds. At one point, I told the group to “Power through.”

Both Emily, my niece, and I are history junkies. Learning about the churches and palaces has been so interesting.

They need those churches because a ton of French people have absolutely zippo for a sense of humor.

For instance, I found a black apron with two boobs hanging on a rack. I put it on and waited for our group members to look. The owner of the sidewalk shop came storming over and practcally ripped my head off trying to get me to take the apron off. He cussed, in French, at me – a lot!

Another crabby soul spit venom at me when I wasn’t prepared for the subway train to start off on its warp-speed mission. I stomped on her foot. I think she was cussing at me in French as well, but using all new words.

Accidents are not forgiven here.

That’s why there are lots of places for confessions.

I have to run for now. Emily is in bed yet – it’s 8:30 in the morning and we will be leaving for Versailles soon.

Enjoy your day in the fabulous USA.

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