Minnesota Winters on a Minnesota Dairy Farm

We all like to complain and we all like to brag.

When it comes to living in the Winter Wonderland we call Minnesota, we like to do both excessively. Living and working on a dairy farm gives my double the capacity.

We dairy farmers like to complain when it’s hot. We like to complain when it’s cold.

Right now it’s really, really cold. It’s so cold that throwing a cup of boiling water into the air, doesn’t make it vaporize; we have to watch for falling ice chunks in the shape of a coffee mug.

Just kidding. The water doesn’t fall in ice cubes.

Winter does make it a bit more challenging to get some things done. The difference between the air temperature in theĀ milking parlor and the air temperature in the cow-holding area create clouds.

Water hoses freeze.

Cows don’tĀ  want to leave the tepid temperature in the milking parlor to go outside into the freezing temperature. They crap more in the milking parlor, which means our clothing looks like it’s polka dotted.

We enjoy milking cows. Milking in Minnesota makes us tougher.

It gives us a reason to brag.

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